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►█ A few things that are important █◄

1. I am a licensed Hair Stylist specializing in Locs, Braids, Twists, & Natural Hair.

2. My clients are only women and children.

I have had multiple people ask why I don't do hair for men so I'll explain. Due to past personal experiences and the respect I have for myself, my marriage and deen (way of life) I choose not to be in close contact with adult males who are not close family members. Thank you for understanding.

3. Your can be done in the comfort of your home. I will come to you. A traveling charge may apply.

4. I do not use chemicals (and prefer not to use weave) on my clients. I'm a strong advocate of natural hair.


Prices depend on your hair length and the style you want done so the prices you see below are not set in stone. See a few basic tentative prices below. If you need anything done that is not listed on this page click HERE to send me a message and we can discuss pricing.


I can start your locs in one of 4 ways - each has different results and will require slightly different maintenance while you allow your hair time to lock. Feel free to text, call, or email to ask questions about each method so we can decide which is best for you.

$ 55, $45, $40 (Small, Medium, Large Comb Coils)
$ 65, $55, $45 (Small, Medium, Large 2-Strand Twists)
$ 80, $65, $55 (Small, Medium, Large Braids)
$ 60 & Up (Interlocked & Teased / Back-combed) Starter Locs)

*NOTE* This method involves teasing straight hair and interlocking it to form the base for a loc to begin to form. This is mostly used for hair that is completely straight or type 2 hair.

*If you want any other size (extra small, extra large, etc.) please text or email me a pic of your hair and I will quote you a price (contact info is at the bottom of this page).

►█ LOC MAINTENANCE (comb twisting/coiling roots) █◄

$35 (large/fat locs)
$45 (medium sized locs)
$65 (small/skinny locs)
$85 & Up (extra small/sister locs)

►█LOC MAINTENANCE (interlocking the roots) █◄

$35 (large/fat locs)
$50 (medium sized locs)
$65 (small/skinny locs)
$80 & Up (extra small/sister locs)

►█LOC MAINTENANCE (just palm-rolling and weaving in loose hairs) █◄

$25 (large/fat locs)
$35 (medium sized locs)
$50 (small/skinny locs)
$65 & Up (extra small/sister locs)

►█ BRAIDS/CORNROWS (No Extra Hair Added) █◄

Straight Back (Large) -no Hair Added - $15
Straight Back (Medium) -no Hair Added - $20
Straight Back (Small) -no Hair Added - $25
Straight Back (Extra Small) -no Hair Added - $30

Circle Braiding for Sew-In $25 (I do not do sew-ins but I can braid your hair for one)

Zig Zag -no Hair Added - $35

Zipper Braids -no Hair Added - $55 

►█ TWISTS █◄

2 Strand Twists for Transitioning Hair -no Hair Added (Medium)- $30



Yarn Braids / Genie Locs - $80 & Up (depends on the size you want them to be - this style is similar to box braids except the braids are done with yarn - they may also be called genie locs because from certain distances or angels the yarn braids will look like locs)

Yarn Wraps - $125 & Up (depends on the size you want them to be - this style looks like locs but it is achieved from wrapping yarn around small sections of your hair - they are a fun and creative alternative to locs if you're not ready to make the commitment required for locs) 

Loc Styles - Prices will vary depending on the style you desire. CONTACT ME for a quote. Here are a few of the styles I have done - to see more please visit the HAIR GALLERY.


I make my own hair products but if you prefer that I use a certain brand name or type of product you should have the product(s) ready for me to use when I arrive. If you have questions about the ingredients in the products I create feel free to ask but I will inform you of what I am using on your hair before I apply it.

►█ TEXT/CALL/EMAIL/FACEBOOK for prices for children █◄


PHONE: 979-739-4852

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