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I am Zaaynab-Le'Von (you can call me Le'Von), The Natural Hair Therapist. I am a Licensed Braider, Loctician, & Natural Hair Stylist amongst other things but for now we'll focus on hair. 

I have more than a decade of experience with hair braiding, loc maintenance, and natural hair-styling. I started when I was very young (taught by my mother) and this skill has carried me a long way allowing to make extra money in high school and college. I got married when I was almost finished with college and after that I stopped doing hair for a while and focused more on school, my corporate job, and being a wife.

Now, I am a work-from-home wife who owns two small businesses; one of which is Z'Le-Seye Hair (Natural Hair Therapy) and the other is EYESEYE creations where I offer handmade clothing, accessories, jewelry & other items.  Click HERE to keep up with EYESEYE creations. 

Through these two avenues I've have been blessed enough to be able to say that I am truly my own boss and have accomplished this by using all of the creative talents GOD has bestowed upon me.

My hair business is mobile and I travel to areas in or near the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. My clients have the luxury of getting their hair done in the privacy and comfort of their homes if this is their preference. This is an accomodation for my current and any potential clientele who may not be comfortable showing their hair in certain public places and/or to certain people.


It is important for potential clients to know that I only take on women and children as new clients (with the exception of blood relatives). I have had multiple people ask why I don't do hair for men so I'll explain. This is a decision I made based on personal preference as well as spiritual/religious reasons. Due to past personal experiences and the respect I have for myself, my marriage and my deen (way of life) I choose not to be in close contact with adult males who are not close family members (related by blood). 

TARDY FEES (Don't Be Late)

I do not allow people to infringe upon my time. Unfortunately, in this business people are often late and they often think it's okay. If I am more than 10 minutes late to an appointment I will give you a discount on your next appointment. I allot a 10 minute grace period for my clients. If you are more than 10 minutes late I charge a late fee of $1 per minute. This late fee is due before I start work on your hair. I will not wait for you for more than 30 minutes.


I will supply everything needed. I use that products that are not chemically-ridden (such as Shea Moisture products). I also use my own handcrafted products made from the best substances. I will not put anything on your head without telling you what it is first. If you have your own products or supplies and you prefer that I use them just let me know.


* Licensed Braider 
* 10+ years of experience doing natural hair
* I maintain and style my own natural hair and haven't had a perm since I was a child in grade school (many, many moons ago).
* I have done all types of hair and have had clients from various races and ethnic backgrounds.


Below you will find the links to photo galleries of my work and my contact info as well as other places you can keep up with me on the world wide web.

Visit THE HAIR GALLERY for photos of my work. 



Click HERE to send me a message.

Call or Text: 979-739-4852




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