Welcome to our creative outlet.

EYESEYE is pronounced (i-saay). EYESEYE is a palindrome (reads the same forwards & backwards) created from the couple's last name which is 'SEYE'.

EYESEYE creations was founded Ramadaan 2011 (month within which Muslims observe fasting) as a creative outlet.

EYESEYE creations is a website and online store combo of a married couple's Hand-made artistic expressions. The couple enjoys being in love and sharing their GOD-given creativity.
The wife - Zaaynab Le'Von - creates hand-made adornments from fibers, wire, pennies, stones and other odd objects. She especially enjoys crocheting hats and baby items.

The husband - Rakhou (Abdourahmane) - creates unique & thought-provoking works of art using acrylic & oil.He also enjoys drawing with different weights of lead and water-color painting.

Their creations are filled with thought, love, time, and self-expression. Each item is unique and though you may see two items that are similar you will not see two items that are exactly the same - that's what handmade is - unique and different - the couple takes pride in that.
The couple hopes to grow their shop and website large enough so it can become a steady source of income for their household. 


Mr. & Mrs. Seye
EYESEYE creations
P.O. Box 420714
Houston, TX 77242