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Visit the shop here ---> http://www.EYESEYEcreations.etsy.com

EYESEYEcreations showcases the works of Zeynabu-Le'Von. She is a natural creatress who plays in crochet, knit, clothing, accessories, fragrance oils, butters, incense, and more. Get comfortable and take a look around. For more please visit www.EYESEYEcreations.com.

EYESEYE, pronounced (i-sayy), is a palindrome (reads the same forward & backward) created from the last name of Zeynabu's late husband (Abdou Seye (may Allah be pleased with him)). This business was started in 2011 (about 3 years into the couple's was marriage). Although he has transitioned, and Zeynabu is now re-married) the business will keep the same name as a memorial for the dear life & soul of her late husband.

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FACEBOOK----> facebook.com/EYESEYEcreations

YOUTUBE------> youtube.com/EYESEYEcreations

SHOP--------------> http://www.EYESEYEcreations.etsy.com


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