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If you don't have a pair of Wrap & Tie pants you definitely need some.These are perfect for Spring and/or Summer. Here you see a pair I finished today for someone. She provided the fabric and I only charged for labor. 

These colorful and bold pants are flowy (is that a word ... well, it is now) and light and since they are wrap pants, the sides are not closed so for the modest dresser, such as myself, a pair of comfy thin pants can be worn under these so no skin will show if that's what you prefer. They can also be worn with long shorts.

For this particular pair I added edging - light purple, dark purple, & navy blue along with some cute zig zag thread designs along the bottom hem of the pants. I also added my little handmade clothing tag inside the pants. There isn't necessarily a front or back to these pants since they can be worn 2 ways - with a knot showing in front or with a knot showing in back. You'll notice that both ways are shown in the photos below.

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