The Urban Jungle Trio consists of our crochet urban turban, a long crochet scarf, & an oversized bohemian bag that has adjustable straps.

For more details/price for the trio click the photo above. For details/price on the bag only click the photo below.

 1st way to wear the scarf - tied around the waist as a funky belt.

 The Urban Turban in motion hence the blur.

 2nd way to wear the scarf - worn around the neck like a stole.

 The huge Boho Bag is one of my favorite pieces. Here you see it worn across the body with the adjustable straps shortened. Scroll down a bit and you will see it worn with the straps lengthened.

 3rd way to wear the scarf - wrapped around the neck a few times to get a cowl look.

In motion - messing with the straps to lengthen them - the bag in worn lower in this pic.

This one came out blurry but I love it so I added it.

Close-up of the bag

The inside is fully lined.

The bag has two really long straps that can be adjusted by simply tying them together for the desired length.

The bag can be worn long ... 

or you can untie them ...

adjust ...

and wear the bag shortened as a shoulder bag. See, I like to give you options :-)

You can also request each piece individually.

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