We're excited to announce that we now carry the following fragrances.

1. African Musk
2. Amber
3. China Musk
4. Egyptian Musk
5. Frankincense & Myrrh
6. Gardenia
7. JasmineOud
8. Kush 
9. Lavender
10. Nag Champa
11. Oud
12. Sandlewood
13. Sweet Patchouli
14. Vanilla Musk

PRICING:1/3 ounce ($5.95/6.95), 1/2 ounce ($11.25), or 1 ounce ($22.00)

Click HERE to purchase online (we ship within 1-3 business days). 

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(More details about our oils after the pictures)

************* ABOUT OUR OILS **********

What are Fragrance/Body Oils?

Do you have a perfume or cologne that you absolutely love? Does that perfume or cologne cost a lot of money? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Fragrance (or body) oils are an excellent alternative to over-priced perfumes and colognes sold in retail stores. Those expensive fragrances are created from fragrance oils - approximately 1% - 30% of the contents of one of those fragrances is actually the fragrance oil. Can you guess what the other 70% - 99% of the contents are … fillers such as alcohol and water! When you use perfume or cologne that has alcohol in it the alcohol causes the actual fragrance to evaporate faster thus causing you to use more perfume or cologne thus enabling the manufacturer to sell you another bottle - that’s how they make their money.

Fragrance (or body) oils are non-alcoholic and do not contain water so if you purchase our oils you won’t have to worry about the scent fading. Fragrance oils leave your body when you wash them off so the scent can last all day or longer.

More Details about Fragrance/Body Oils

Some are cut (meaning the person making them uses a carrier oil to dilute the concentrated oil thus creating more oil to sell). Other oils are un-cut (meaning the person making them does not dilute the highly-concentrated oil in any way). The scent of un-cut fragrance oils lasts longer because it is highly concentrated.

You can have these oils for a very long time without worrying about whether or not the scent will be the same within the next month or so - for quality fragrance oils there is no shelf life limit because these oils keep their scent as the years pass by.

How to Apply Fragrance/Body Oils

Fragrance oils react with each individual wearer’s body chemistry so to get the most out of our oil apply it to the pulse points of your body. Applying to your pulse points (the inside of each wrist, behind each ear, and/or at the highest pulse point on your neck) allows the fragrance oil to react with the heat that is emitted from these parts of the body thus allowing the oil to continuously release its’ aroma.

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